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"After one session with Amy, I overcame my phobia of the porta cath in my chest needed for cancer treatment. I was able to look at myself in the mirror again without feeling scared."

Heather L., Breast Cancer Survivor

My pain went from a 8/10 to a 2/10 during a session; I surprised myself and my doctor.”

Patient undergoing cancer treatment


I was happy that I quit smoking after 30 years, but I also learned how to relax in situations that used to make me very anxious, which was an added benefit. I was very comfortable through the whole process; you were meant for this work!”

                                                                                                                     – Ex-smoker 



"Amy's hypnotherapy work has been so effective and grounding, particularly as I have been working through some major life transitions.  Amy's approach and support are collaborative, clear, focused, and far-reaching.  Her work is sensitively attuned to the genuine needs of the client.  Despite the grounding nature of Amy's work, it's also immensely creative and insightful.  She provides support tools for clients to listen to and practice with outside of sessions, and creates and accomplishes a goal-plan which directly reflects and meets the client's needs.  I could not recommend Amy's hypnotherapy more highly, as its techniques can be effectively used for any need or situation."

                         -- Rev. Anthe A. Kelley, ERYT, Reiki Master/Teacher

                             aka Kunga Tsomo & Desert Flower


I was so surprised at how quickly I achieved my goal…and the immediate and lasting benefits. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your unique skill!”

                                       -M.C., Client seeking help with a phobia


"This is powerful stuff.  It works!  And Amy Fredericks' focus makes it possible."

              Buzzard French - Professional Fine Artist


"Amy's temperament, demeanor and kindness definitely helped me to relax and made learning from her easy.  She took the time to get to know how my brain works, how I am wired and how I have programmed myself over the years.  I didn't think any of that could be re-wired or undone...but it can!  Hypnosis has  helped me identify with the deeper underlying issues in my life that make me react or respond the way I do.  With Amy's help hypnosis has now become a naturally practiced, effective way to calm myself, by using the calming hypnotic suggestions Amy helped me create.  These are tools that were made by me, for me, with Amy's guidance, to achieve my goal (relieve test taking anxiety).  This is not a textbook type approach, this was not a one size fits all process.  The best part about working with Amy, I should mention, is after my third session I took my math placement test and placed in an algebra class that was way more advanced than the one I was aiming for!  Worth Every Penny!"                           

                                                        -Julia Crowley, Mom/Healthcare Professional/College Student


"While working along side Amy as an RN, I saw first hand what Amy's work can do with patients who have serious conditions, often requiring quick interventions to stabilize them.  Her work often brought them the comfort they needed quickly, but also helped them deal with perceptions that might be impeding their healing.  Amy's familiarity with medical conditions sets her apart from other practitioners in her field.  She has an understanding of what the patient is going through that is a huge asset in achieving the patient's goals more quickly.  Her patients reported establishing a relationship of trust that furthered and developed more deeply the efficacy of the work she was doing with them."

                                                                                  -Kristin St. Clair, RN

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